3 low-budget jobs to strengthen the roster

The Arizona Cardinals have yet to have any “Keim Time” moves in the 2022 offseason.

While the odds of a game-changing trade at the end of the year are pretty slim, the Arizona Cardinals could benefit from moving a few small pieces of their team to the trade market.

Given Kyler Murray’s ongoing talk of his contract situation moving slower than traffic on I-17 over a holiday weekend, Keim would be limited in the moves he can make. Additionally, the Arizona Cardinals currently have approximately 11 million cap space at the time of this writing.

So, for these economic exchanges, let’s go directly to the first one.

Arizona Cardinals could get another ‘Kenyan Drake’ in Myles Gaskin

The dolphins get

WR Andy Isabelle

2023 7th Round Pick

Cardinals get

RB Myles Gaskin

Before the Kenyan Drake deniers come out of the woodwork, let’s just say he would make a great tandem with James Conner right now. Getting back on topic, the Arizona Cardinals have a wide open RB2 spot on the roster.

Nobody knows who will occupy this place. Darrell Williams? Most likely. Eno Benjamin? He has a good shot. Keaontay Ingram? Preferably not.

The unknown in this group of running backs is what makes it so difficult to decipher. Miles Gaskin had nearly 1,000 scrimmage yards the past two seasons. Although his contract is just above Williams’ (Williams 1.5M to Gaskin’s 2.5M), it’s still a relatively cheap trade in case the Cardinals choose to release Benjamin and Ingram.

Gaskin might be the odd man out after Chase Edmonds, and Tyreek Hill has arrived to take touches.

Send Andy Isabella to Miami, where recent Cardinals busts are going to have their careers on life support (Josh Rosen, anyone?).

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