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An indicator of the future direction of a company’s stock can be understood by what insiders may think of the company’s current stock price and near-term future prospects. Insiders are considered C-Suite executives, a member of the board of directors and any person (person or company) who owns more than 10.0% of the outstanding shares of a company.

When insiders are buying, it’s a possible clue as to what the people who know the company best think about the price today versus future news flow or operating performance over the next couple of quarters. Cheap stock prices and exciting news sometimes equal insider buying.

Insider Buying at Blue Star Foods Corp. BSFC

Since July 2022, according to SEC reports, specifically a search for parties filing Forms 4, 3 of the independent directors of Blue Star Foods Corp. BSFC have executed common stock purchase transactions on the open market, of which 2 of these directors have purchased shares in the past 2 weeks. Nearly half (3 out of 7) of the board of directors buys company shares.

Why is insider buying an important indicator?

In the last 30 days, of the 6,625 companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and NYSE American, only 227 filed SEC 4 forms for the sole purpose of disclosing the purchase of stock on the open market by initiates.

There are several companies like IMARA Inc. IMRACabaletta Bio, Inc. CABATango Therapeutics, Inc. TNGXDICE Therapeutics, Inc. OFMacroGenics, Inc. MGNXTexas Pacific Land Corporation DPTESSA Pharma Inc. EPIXMayville Engineering Company, Inc. DUDEJupiter Wellness, Inc. JUPWand Riley Permian Exploration, Inc. REPX which are up more than 30% in the past 60 days, possibly as a result of insider buying.

SEC Form S4 Insider Buying and Stock Performance (last 30 days) as of 11/08/2022

Company Name

Transaction Type

Market capitalization

Market capitalization




Stock symbol

Last 30 days



last 60 days




Insider buying




Health care


Cabaletta Bio, Inc. CABA

Insider buying




Health care


Tango Therapeutics, Inc. TNGX

Insider buying




Health care


DICE Therapeutics, Inc. OF

Insider buying




Health care


MacroGenics, Inc. MGNX

Insider buying




Health care


Texas Pacific Land Corporation DPT

Insider buying





Oil & Gas E&P

ESSA Pharma Inc. EPIX

Insider buying




Health care


Mayville Engineering Society DUDE

Insider buying






Jupiter Wellness, Inc. JUPW

Insider buying





Personal products

Riley Exploration Permian REPX

Insider buying





Oil & Gas E&P

Source: S&P Capital IQ (as of 11/08/2022)

All market caps in millions of USD

Many of these companies have not had major investments from strategic institutions, nor major development. Some of the upside performance could be attributed to the market taking insider buying as an indicator to buy to get involved.

How could this affect Blue Star?

As of November 8, 2022, the company is trading at $0.90 per share, which is up from the 52-week low of 0.61 cents per share. Meanwhile, the company just had its first major equity research sponsored by an investment bank from Roth Capital, which started with a stock price of $3.00 – https://www. — it does not mean that the stock is going to rise for sure, but traders may want to keep their eyes on indicators like this and see what happens next.

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