Budget Prelude 2022-23 – Central Queensland Today

For many businesses, there is a limit to what they can charge for goods and services. Picture provided.

MAYOR’S MESSAGE with Mayor of Livingstone Shire Andy Ireland

With the Boundary Review inquiry now complete, and while we await the decision of the Deputy Premier (Minister for Local Government) as to whether Glenlee, Glendale and Rockyview will be transferred to Rockhampton Regional Council, the spirit of Livingstone Councilors is now fully applied to Livingstone County Council’s 2022/2023 budget.

Like businesses in our community, consulting costs are also directly impacted by cost of living pressures.

Changes in interest rates, increases in material and labor costs, the ridiculous price of fuel right now, and the ever-looming increases in electricity costs are impacting the budgets of tips.

Nobody likes paying the rates, but there are those in the community who believe the council is simply passing on its cost increases to ratepayers.


Like businesses, consulting is limited in what it can pass on to its clients (you).

For many businesses, there is a limit to what they can charge for goods and services.

For a cafe, there’s a limit to what customers will pay for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

This is despite the rise in the price of bacon, increases in allotment rates, increases in insurance, etc.

Many companies and municipalities are forced to absorb cost increases in order to maintain trade.

The Council recognizes this when considering the cost increases it passes on to ratepayers.

Let me outline some of the cost increases facing the board:

Reinforcement mesh – plus 15%

Welded mesh – plus 15%

Wood – up 50% since August 2021

Gravel – plus 10%

Fuel – 30% more than six months ago. Diesel is expected to grow by 40.1% in 2022.

Add to that average value increases of twenty percent in residential categories, fifteen percent in commercial/industrial categories, and an average of sixty percent in rural categories, and the challenges increase.

Livingstone Shire Councilors are committed to providing a responsible budget that encourages economic growth, tourism growth, housing and infrastructure development, and capital investment, while preserving our beautiful environment and way of life. life.

Are we going to deliver a budget that everyone likes? Impossible.

Are we going to deliver a budget that taxpayers and residents can live with? More likely.

Until next time.

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