Deputy mayor election and budget execution on August agenda

The next Regular Council meeting will be held in the Council Chamber from 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 20.

The meeting will be streamed live via the Council’s YouTube page and on the Kempsey Shire Council website.

For a complete overview of the meeting and discussion points, please refer to the agenda and business documents.

Election of Deputy Mayor

A council member will be elected deputy mayor by open vote and will serve until September 2023.

Advance a planning proposal for 1022 Crescent Head Road

A planning proposal to divide a lot of land into two at 1022 Crescent Head Road has been filed with the Minister of Planning. The Minister has authorized Council to change the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013 minimum lot size at this location from eight hectares to four hectares.

Council is now asked to consider the amendment to the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013, following community and agency feedback.

In April 2022 council agreed to submit the planning proposal for the Gateway Determination to change the minimum lot size set out for this location in the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013, and in May 2022 the permission has been granted. The amendment to the 2013 Kempsey Local Environmental Plan is the next step in advancing this planning proposal.

Planning Agreement for a Park in the Proposed Crescent Head Subdivision

Council is being asked to enter into a voluntary planning agreement that provides for the creation of a public park in a 109-lot development near Crescent Head (DA2100258).

According to the Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013, developments with more than 50 lots must provide local park. For this proposal, a children’s play area, a fenced dog park, landscaping, open recreational spaces, a bus stop and water and sewer infrastructure will be included. The proposed planning agreement will provide a decent park at the relatively low cost of $68,671.80 in open space offset contributions.

A Voluntary Planning Agreement represents an agreement between Council and a developer regarding a planning proposal or development application. It is a voluntary agreement under which the promoter has undertaken to provide or finance public facilities or public services. A voluntary planning agreement can only be entered into, modified or revoked if it is exposed to the public for a minimum period of 28 days.

Postpone and revote budgets

A carry-forward budget represents budgets that are carried over from the previous year’s budget for work already started to allow work to be completed using those allocations. A revised budget is a budget that is requested to be advanced for work not yet started.

The Board will be asked to adopt the budgets carried forward from 2021-2022 and to re-vote the budgets to be included in the 2022-23 budget. This allows the Board to continue working on projects that were not completed or even started by June 30. This happens for many normal reasons including wet weather, prioritization of other projects or, as in the case of 2021-2022, the impact of events such as flooding, COVID-19, Australia with its trading partners and supply chain issues.

Breakdown of voting delegates for the New South Wales Annual Local Government Conference

The council will decide who will attend the annual NSW local government conference in the Hunter Valley from Sunday October 23 to Tuesday October 25, 2022

The conference provides Board members with opportunities to share ideas, inspire each other and set policy direction for the coming year that can make a real difference at the local level.

Business Performance Audit 2021-22

The Board will take note of the Board’s organizational performance in the fourth quarter of 2021-2022 with respect to the following documents:

  • Quarterly budget review statements (full year financial review),
  • Report on the status of the financial sustainability program,
  • Report on key performance indicators 2021-22,
  • 2021-2022 Delivery Schedule and Operational Plan Exception Report, and
  • Summary of grant status.

The documents contain information on issues that have impacted Council operations, such as COVID-19, floods, wet weather events and inflation. These issues have delayed some capital projects included in the 2021-2022 budget.

The report also notes general revenue and grants as well as expenses for 2021-22.

Of the $43.4 million spent on capital works for the year, the top 20 projects accounted for 76% of funds.

Capital projects


South West Rocks High Performance Center

$4 million

Verge Sports Complex/Eden Street

$3.6 million

Fixing Country Bridges Program

$3.3 million

South Kempsey pressurized sewer

$3.3 million

Municipal plant and fleet replacement

$2.6 million

Sealing Point Plomer Rd (6.2 km between Crescent Head and Big Hill)

$2.2 million

Moparrabah Causeway Replacement on Majors Creek (March Flood)

$2.2 million

Armidale Rd (from Ferrier Drive 2.9 km west)

$1.8 million

Construction at the waste cell 4 landfill

$1.4 million

Crescent Head Road From Berrys Lane to Maria River Road (2.6 km)

$1.2 million

Plummers Lane – 1.9km (about 1.4km from Macleay Valley Way)

$1.2 million

South West Rocks Rd (1.5-2.2 miles south of Plummers Lane)

$1 million

Kempsey Library Internal Upgrade


Stuarts Point Road. Rest of the essential stabilization public asset. March 2021 flood


Armidale Rd Devils Nook Slip March 2021 Floods


Edgar Street Frederickton Stormwater (Stage 1 curb and gutter and drainage)


Clyde St Mall Car Park Renewal


Stuarts Point Reservoir


Rural roads in Kempsey Shire. Close


Rankine Street Crescent Head CBD Trail Renewal


Total of the top 20 investment projects

$32.8 million

The Q4-based 2021-2022 Implementation Program and Operational Plan year-end status shows 81% of actions completed, noting issues that impacted progress.

Definition of our KPIs for 2022-23

The Board is asked to approve the following proposed key performance indicators for the 2022-23 financial year:

Description of KPIs

Our finances

Operating result against budget

Measures the financial and operational performance of the Council for the financial year 2022-23

Actual operating income (before capital grants and contributions) vs. budget year to date

Capital Expenditure vs. Budget

Measures the performance of the Council’s capital expenditures for the 2022-23 fiscal year

Capital expenditures vs. budget year to date

Financial viability

Measures progress in implementing the adopted financial sustainability program

Financial sustainability initiatives are proceeding according to plan

Our services

Delivery of actions and projects of the Operational Plan

Measurement of the Board’s performance in carrying out the actions included in the adopted operational plan

More than 90% of the actions of the Operational Plan are delivered on time

Our strengths

Asset Management

Measures progress in implementing improvement initiatives within the framework of the adopted strategic asset management plan (note: once data accuracy improves, asset-related KPIs will be reviewed) a report)

Asset management improvement initiatives are proceeding according to plan

our people

Lost-time injuries

Employee safety performance measurement

Lost-time injuries are 10% lower than the rolling average of the previous 5 years (note: progress towards a goal of zero injuries)

Employee well-being

Measures progress in implementing strategies to be a mentally healthy workplace

Strategy and key initiatives developed and implemented according to plan

Employee contract

Measures Council employee engagement as measured by The Voice engagement survey

Over 77% of employees are engaged according to employee engagement survey

Workforce management

Measures the progress of the implementation of the adopted workforce management plan

Workforce management initiatives are proceeding according to plan

Our community

Overall satisfaction with Council

Measures overall community satisfaction with the Council using the biennial Customer Satisfaction Survey (2019 and 2020 = 79% satisfaction)

Over 80% of Kempsey Shire residents are somewhat to very satisfied with Council’s performance

Our governance

Closure of high-risk internal audit items

Measures overdue high-risk audit actions

No high-risk internal audit actions are overdue, as reported by the Board’s Audit and Risk Committee

Reform of employment zones

The Council will receive and grade submissions made on NSW Government Employment Area Reform.

At this stage, Council only takes note of the submissions made, which do not require Council to change the employment areas for the 2013 Kempsey Local Environmental Plan.

If the state government imposes employment zones or land use amendments, the council must pass them.

The order of business examined in public session includes:

9.1 Election of Deputy Mayor

9.2 Planning Proposal PP-2021-7144 – 1022 Crescent Head Road, Crescent Head

9.3 Crescent Head Park Planning Agreement

9.4 Carry forward and revote budgets

9.5 LGNSW 2022 Annual Conference

9.6 Business Performance Report 2021-22 – Quarter 4

9.7 Key Performance Indicators 2022-2023

9.8 KLEP2013 – Employment Zone Reforms

9.9 Statement of cash and investments – July 2022

Discuss agenda items

Prior to each regular meeting, the Board holds a public forum to hear community members discuss items on its agenda. Public forums may also be held before extraordinary Council meetings and Council committee meetings.

Applications to speak at the public forum close Friday at noon. If you would like to address the Council, please register to request to speak at a public forum.

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