Emergency order in The Hague as farmers head to protest on Budget Day

Today is Prinjsesdag, budget day, in the Netherlands. The Hague implemented an emergency ordinance in the city “due to serious fears of disruption of public order and safety on the Prinsjesdag” caused by protests by farmers. A few farmers are already in town, and more are on their way.

“Farmers who want to demonstrate in the city with their tractors will be turned away and, if necessary, driven elsewhere from the city limits,” the municipality tweeted. A city spokesperson said the mayor issued the order after police “observed the movement of farmers” into the city. “They would be on their way to The Hague to disturb public order. We can’t take that on Prinsjesdag, especially now that the public is allowed to attend for the first time” since 2019.

Tuesday morning, four tractors were stationary on the Benoordenhoutseweg, according to the police. And a group of about 40 tractors was heading towards the city via Ypenburgse Boslaan near Nootdorp. Several farmers turned back after the police arrested them. At least four tractors remained in place and were removed. The police planned to load them onto a trailer and drive them away. There was also an army vehicle present to transport the tractors. A reporter said the situation was developing without incident and no arrests were immediately reported.

“We have just seized a number of tractors on the Schenk viaduct in The Hague for breaching the emergency order. Farmers tried to drive their tractors into the center and did not follow our instructions,” said police reported on Twitter.

It is the first budget day without coronavirus restrictions since 2019. Several thousand people are expected in The Hague, trying to catch a glimpse of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima passing in the Glass Carriage or the royal family waving from the balcony of Noordeinde Palace afterwards.

Princess Amalia will be present at the Prinsjesdag for the first time this year. The 18-year-old Crown Princess does not have to perform official duties on this occasion but will accompany her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.

This year King Willem-Alexander’s throne speech will take place at the Koninklijke Schouwburg as the Binnenhof is being renovated. The glass carriage with the King and Queen will depart from Noordeinde Palace at 1:00 p.m. and travel via Heulstraat, Kneuterdijk, Lange Voorhout and Tournooiveld to the theater in Korte Voorhout. During the car tour, a salute is fired every minute at the Malieveld. The King and Queen will return to the palace around 2:00 p.m. and then go to the balcony.

The area around the surrounding road has been cordoned off. The street near Koninklijke Schouwburg is closed at 6 a.m. The rest of the course will be closed from 10:30 a.m. Only pedestrians can access the area. Trams and buses will make a detour, and cars, bicycles and scooters will not be able to park in the area. The city has laid ropes on the tram tracks to prevent the wheels of the Glass Carriage from getting stuck.

Five groups have announced that they will demonstrate in The Hague during the Prinsjesdag. At the entrance of the Tweede Kamer, there is a demonstration under the title “transfer of knowledge and facts of the representatives of the people”. It is not known who organized the protest or what exactly it is about. Opposite the Tweede Kamer is a demonstration against the monarchy. The FNV union will demonstrate at the town hall for an increase in the minimum wage. Up the street, the Foundation for the Support of Human Rights in Social Violence will protest. The fifth recorded protest of the day takes place at the Russian Embassy, ​​where Ukrainians and their supporters will stand all day.

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