How Pakistan Oppn is gearing up for takeover after SC bouncer in Imran

In the latest development in Pakistan’s constitutional crisis, the opposition is said to have prepared to take matters into their own hands after the Supreme Court reinstated the National Assembly on Wednesday night and overturned the vice president’s order to reject the vote of censorship.

From now on, the President of the National Assembly is required to hold a session in the Lower House today, “at the latest at 10:30 a.m.”, on the agenda made public on April 3, according to Dawn.

Sources close to opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif told News18 the April 9 no-confidence motion would be a ‘success’ as opposition parties claim to have over 172 votes, enough to constitute a majority in the House. of 342 seats. Khan, however, has nearly 135 members, of whom only 50 or 60 are likely to quit.

The opposition, which is preparing to take over the reins, has two likely options. Either to opt for bypolls in all the vacant seats. This suits army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa as it will increase his chances of an extension of service, or a new army chief of staff would enter.

Second, present a small budget to the Assembly and declare a general election by October.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan will address the country today, ahead of the vote of no confidence, to establish direct contact with the people. Khan called a cabinet meeting today where he and his team would decide whether to declassify the threatening letter, sources told News18.

Amid the constitutional crisis, the opposition will struggle to move forward as the country is reeling from huge financial pressures with the US dollar trading at Rs 190 and the State Bank’s foreign exchange reserves plummeting each day.

The rupee has lost 5.1% in value against the US dollar over the past 17 sessions.

The country is also facing one of the worst inflation crises, with fuel and food up more than 15% from last year. According to the Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds of Pakistanis consider inflation to be the biggest problem facing the country today.

Khan survived a “confidence” vote last year, called due to a rift within his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. In Pakistan’s history, no prime minister has completed a full term, and the vote on April 9 would officially seal the fate of embattled Imran Khan.

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