‘RCB is 4th here too’, Twitter reacts to IPL franchises readjusted budget after board added additional INR 5 crore to each franchise’s purse

As the Board decided to add an additional budget of INR 5 crore to the scholarship of each IPL team, the purse of all teams has now been readjusted, and currently, as things stand, Punjab Kings are at the top with the highest budget of INR 8.45 crore, followed by Chennai Super Kings who have a purse of INR 7.95 crore.

But that’s not the last purse with which franchises will participate in the upcoming mini-auction next month. The purse will be readjusted again when franchises declare their release, retention and trade for next season.

Whichever player is released by a franchise, the player’s salary will be added to the adjusted franchise purse. Whereas if the franchise trades a player without trading the same value for another player, the incoming player’s salary will be deducted from the franchise’s readjusted purse. The retention of a player will have no effect on the franchise purse.

Some IPL franchises would like to participate in the mini-auction with a decent purse

Franchises, who didn’t have a great last season, or franchises who were unhappy with their final roster after the mega auction, would like to participate in the mini-auction with a decent purse so that they can restructure its workforce. However, to add enough money to their purse, franchises will need to release certain players so that those players’ salaries can be added to the franchise purse.

Meanwhile, some of the fans saw the fun side of the currently refitted handbag and one of the fans commented on Twitter that RCB is not even at the top of the refitted handbag chart and even in this chart, they are stuck mid-through. Here are some of the other funny Twitter reactions to the IPL franchises refitted purse –

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