Thinking of buying stocks in BP, AMC or Palantir?

One of the most common questions equities traders ask themselves is “Why is this moving?” “

This is why Benzinga created the Why Is It Moving, or WIIM, feature in Benzinga Pro. WIIMs are a one sentence description of why this stock is moving.

Here’s why the actions of BP, AMC and Palantir are changing.

Actions of BP plc (NYSE: BP) are trading higher after Goldman Sachs reportedly projected another rise in oil prices. Additionally, extreme weather conditions in Texas continue to impact production, which has reduced oil supplies.

Actions of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC) are trading higher after the company announced it would reopen all 13 theaters in New York City on March 5. The rally came after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York and New York state theaters are allowed to reopen next month. .

“Since reopening our first theaters with AMC Safe & Clean in August, AMC has hosted nearly 10 million moviegoers nationwide without a single reported case of COVID-19 transmission among moviegoers in our theaters,” said CEO and Chairman Adam Aron in a press release. “We look forward to welcoming our New York guests back to the big seats, big sounds and big screens that are only possible in a movie theater.”

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Actions of Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE: PLTR) are trading lower after co-founder Stephen Cohen filed share sales revealing he sold 3.8 million shares between Feb. 18-22.

Palantir also announced a multi-million dollar expansion of its relationship with 3M Company (NYSE: MMM). According to the press release, 3M has chosen to expand its use of Palantir’s Foundry platform to support its digital transformation.

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